Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM made easy, with efficient onboarding and effective support

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

InstaDr provides RPM made easy. Any Medicare patient with an acute or chronic condition can be enrolled. We will be your partner in next-generation telemedicine through our hassle-free patient onboarding, efficient technology solutions, and a full support team handling vitals data management and real-time escalations when necessary for instant doctor diagnosis. Think of InstaMD as a reliable remote doctor’s assistant.

Our program, our technology, and our support team are all dedicated to this end. We have experience successfully working alongside a variety of doctors at small to medium-sized practices, each with their own unique patients and problems.

Through personalized Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) made easy, with efficient onboarding and effective support, InstaDr is your expert partner for a more modern healthcare solution. We will work to educate your patients both on the functionality and power of RPM, getting them up to speed and focused on what’s needed for Medicare compliance.

When you choose InstaDr, you empower your patients and give yourself the most up-to-date medical info.