The Right Care When You Need It Most

Virtual Same Day Telemedicine Appointments

The Right Care When You Need It Most

Virtual Same Day Telemedicine Appointments

Our providers are here for you.

Same Day eVisit appointments available now

Stay on top of your health. With easy and convenient access, you can expect an appointment with a physician within 15 minutes.
Same-Day Doctor Appointments
Licensed Medical Professionals
Local Pharmacy Pick-Ups

3 Easy Steps to Schedule and Appointment

Step 1

Schedule your online eVisit Appointment

Step 2

Talk to your online doctor from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Step 3

Pick up your prescribed medication from your local pharmacy.

How it Works

The First Step

Your virtual primary care physician will take your medical, family, and personal history to assess risks and manage medications as you get onboard.

The Follow Up

Lab work, tests, and other procedures that may be required will be prescribed, and in most cases, sent to designated labs in your area.

Integrated Diagnosis

Having a digital platform speeds up the process and your test results and lab work will be uploaded to your account page for the doctor to see.

Personal Healthcare

You will also receive a customized healthcare plan for your condition, the treatment and follow-up schedules will be available on your account page.

Integrated Telemedicine Solutions

Receive medical attention as and when you need it. No longer do you have to wait in queues, or travel to a clinic when not feeling well. We bring virtual medical care with highly experienced and qualified doctors, right where you are.

InstaDr provides you with a complete range of telemedicine services where you can conveniently book an appointment and discuss your condition in the privacy of your space.

Book the appointment, get the consultation, make the payment, receive the referrals, get the prescription and find your medical insurance coverage options, all in one place.