Medical Documentation for Your Responsibilities

Work & School Notes

Do you need an excuse for work or school? InstaDr physicians can provide excuses for sick days and other legitimate reasons, including jury duty. We understand the significance of these documents in managing your daily life. Work and school notes play a crucial role when you need time off due to medical issues or must verify an absence related to health concerns.


Our telemedicine platform streamlines this process, connecting you with certified medical professionals who can promptly issue these notes. We place your convenience and well-being at the forefront, making it easy for you to obtain these vital documents with just a few simple clicks. At InstaDr, our commitment is to enhance the accessibility and convenience of your healthcare journey.

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Demonstrated excellence and successful outcomes, fostering confidence in our services.

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Understanding Work and School Notes

Why You Might Need Them and How InstaDr Makes It Convenient

InstaDr offers a Work and School Notes service designed to provide you with the convenience and support you need when life’s responsibilities collide with unexpected health issues. We understand that illnesses and medical situations can sometimes disrupt your work or school commitments.


Our experienced tele-doctors are here to assist you by providing the necessary medical documentation and notes, ensuring you can manage your responsibilities without unnecessary stress or worry. Read on to discover how our service works and how we can help you maintain your professional and educational pursuits while prioritizing your health.